This beautiful gown has an especially fun history. It was first made for the fifth doctor serial of Doctor Who entitled Black Orchid during the show’s nineteenth season. The episode aired in 1982 and the costume was seen on Barbara Murray as Lady Cranleigh.

Ten years later the gown was used for Annie Lennox music video Walking on Broken Glass.

It made another appearance in the new series of Doctor Who, in the second season episode entitled The Girl in the Fireplace. It aired in 2006 and the costume was seen on Sophia Myles as Madame du Pompadour. Despite it’s age, it appeared to still be in excellent condition. The same dress used in the same show - more than twenty years later!

The dress recently went up for auction at Bonhams, which confirms it was created for Doctor Who, and describes the dress as: "An eighteenth century styled full length dress of peach coloured teffeta, heavily embroidered on front with floral motif, having lace collar and cuffs, with corset on top, labelled inside with measurement details."

Costume Credit: Katie S.

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